Gentlemen's Cut

At Baxx Barbers, we aim to suit each gentleman’s unique style so from traditional cuts or the trendy hairstyles emerging with time, our experienced barbers will leave each client feeling satisfied and confident as they walk out our doors.

Children's Cut

We, at Baxx Barbers understand that the journey to manhood is an important one. Hence we are always pleased to join our younger clients on this dynamic journey by providing them with the same professional service each time they visit any of our shops.

Ladies’ Cut

Baxx Barbers is open to ladies who desire the expertise of professional barbers to give them haircuts tailored to show their sophisticated style without losing the feminine hints in their appearance.

Home Service

While we constantly strive to make to our branches a comfortable and hygienic environment for you to walk into, there’s never been a better time for you to get a haircut or a shave without leaving the comfort of your home or office whatever the time of day with this unique and surprisingly affordable service. Please note that areas outside the AMAC currently attract an extra charge.

Gentlemen's Shave

Nothing helps complement an unforgettable look and impression like a clean shave. So whether its time for your next job interview or you are just looking to attend a social event, getting a clean shave at Baxx Barbers is always a good idea. As they say” Shaving achieves much more than just removing facial hair”.

Gentlemen's Facials

Experience this professional treatment with advanced formulations targeted at male skin using natural products to flush out impurities and tighten open pores. This facial includes complexion exfoliation, moisturizing and cleansing for total skin care leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Colour Dye

Our colour dye treatment will have you feeling dapper, while offering you a range choices on what best suits you. So if you’d like to hide those strands of grey hair or you just want a bold new look, we have just the thing for you.

Dread Locking

The Baxx Barbers dread locking service provides for the creation and maintenance (shampooing, moisturising) of dread locks. These treatments will keep your dreadlocks growing neat, healthy and looking in top form.

Spotting Waves
If you’re looking to develop a slick and stylish look, our spotting waves treatment will definitely achieve the effect. With our array, of styling treatments for various hair types, we’ll give you a wave pattern unique to your personality.
Dandruff Treatment
An itchy scalp can be quite uncomfortable for anyone. At Baxx, our expert dandruff treatment will have you feeling fresh all over again.